Friday, January 25, 2013

"When?" "Someday!!" (waves hand dismissively) <-- favorite Meg Ryan line ever.

I spent so much of my energy over the past month dealing with a set of crises that I put on a shield of armour and tried to act strong for everyone. A friend would say, eyes crinkling kindly, "That's really sad news," and I'd find some way to comfort them back so they didn't have to be burdened with my misfortune.

But the truth is, I'm hurting. I want to lean on someone but I don't know how.


  1. Can you call a friend and say exactly what you did here?

    Hope you find a leaning post, and give yourself a chance to use it.

    I don't know if it's helpful,but I'm around...

  2. Hey Elguap, that's really thoughtful... I really appreciate it. More than you know.

  3. Everything is always better in the morning. I'm feeling better now. Maybe not *awesome* but so much better. :)