Thursday, August 15, 2013

31 things about me

Inspired by several other bloggers, I decided to hop onto this "list stuff about yourself" meme. I'd love to read yours if you do this too.
  1. I'm a shoe snob (but not in that way). To hell with looks or fashion, it must be comfortable.
  2. Love to read. I read everything I can get my hands on. I used to read walking through the mall with family as a kid (hated shopping).
  3. I don't really watch TV except socially. Alone, there's more fun stuff to do instead, like create (draw, write, craft, etc.).
  4. Almost never get headaches or seasick and rarely get sick (except for #5).
  5. I have a sensitive stomach. I can't eat food that's too old, fatty, milky, rich or sweet, nor eat too much. I pick my way through a salad bar as slowly and deliberately as if I'm taking an LSAT exam.
  6. I don't really like bread, rice or pasta.
  7. Can usually fall asleep on a dime anywhere. I once slept on the deck of a ship with the sun beaming into my face while people mopped around me -- if tired enough, a plank of wood will suffice!
  8. Hate beauty appointments -- hair/nails/etc. are not for me.
  9. Hate making multiple trips with groceries, I'd rather injure myself carrying everything in at once.
  10. Washing dishes is fun.
  11. I've never broken a bone or been in the hospital overnight.
  12. I'm not superstitious or religious.
  13. I don't like taking medicine unless absolutely necessary. On the rare occasion that I do have a headache, I will try and sleep it off.
  14. My sweet tooth is my greatest weakness.
  15. Am obsessed with flossing.
  16. Not shy about ordering food I want. I never order a salad because "that's what girls do" -- I genuinely love salad. If I want a steak, I will order a steak.
  17. Drove a stick for 13 years and loved it.
  18. Peer pressure doesn't work for me, never did. I do what I want no matter what. If someone is lecturing me, I will nod and listen and look agreeable but in the end do my own thing anyway.
  19. Hate talking on the phone.
  20. I sleep on my back.
  21. Am never bored.
  22. I don't like when my car is messy.
  23. Generally am not an irritable driver.
  24. I rarely drink soda.
  25. Am extremely methodical about paying bills and being organized.
  26. Have never smoked a cigarette.
  27. Generally am not a jealous person.
  28. I love to write.
  29. I really do wish for world peace. When I read articles about other people's suffering, I sit and think about what they're going through and try to imagine life through their eyes. I give them a moment of silence and concentration to honor their pain by trying to feel it myself. And I think about how I can help and if there's something I can do, I try to do it.
  30. I find everything fascinating. So many possibilities! Piano, art, language, I want to learn so much. Wait, I lied. Not everything is fascinating. Knitting seems boring. Sorry. 
  31. I used to want to be a doctor. Long story but I still read everything I can get my hands on about health and medicine. Info is a tool we can use to manage the quality of our lives. I am also skeptical and am not into supplements and claims not well-supported by peer-reviewed research. (The beginning scientist in me was trained well.) I am, however, intrigued by the ideas of yoga and meditation for stress and certain types of pain management. I am not against alternative medicine as much as I just require good evidence. If studies show it works, fine. The philosophy here is not much different than what I would expect from a financial advisor. Prove it and I'll invest. I'm not above trying something (like that time I tried acupuncture) and giving it a chance but this involves being honest with myself about observations and also recognizing that different people have different results. I know lots of people who swear by acupuncture. I don't really know if it helped me. It's possible, but no way to prove in my particular case.
Okay, you next!

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