Monday, August 12, 2013

whyyy do people wear things that hobble them??

I spent the weekend in a marathon sewing class, 16 hours of stitching and threading and learning how to work a sewing machine. I don't care HOW many arrows are on the machine to guide you in threading it, it's still complicated as hell.
Like my project?
The instructor was absolutely wonderful but she didn't eat or drink anything for 8 hours so scratch that as a potential career. I was a little scared of committing to such an intense class never having touched a sewing machine before but it was an absolute blast!

Afterwards, I went to see the Cyclist. We got food and then frozen yogurt and sat on some stoops people watching. Several women hobbled by in shoes that crippled them and we wondered WHYYY do people volunteer to cripple themselves with fashion? I don't get it.



  1. Same reason women wear makeup. Societal norms and self esteem. :(

  2. I wear flats about 99.9% of the time. The other time I wear heels when I know I will be mostly sitting, which makes me wonder what the point is anyway. When I lived in DC, I rocked the most comfy shoes I could find. Way too much walking to suffer like that. Keens all the way, baby.

  3. Ooh, I'mma look them up -- I need flats I can wear with a skirt that are comfortable enough to walk 2 miles without breaking them in.

  4. Keens are good, used to be a client. The older Keens, without the inserts were heaven. They molded to your feet. Newer ones are still OK, but do not have the same foot support. Have done more trips and hikes in Keens than any boots. Also easy on/off for airports and wear really well.

    I sound like an ad, but with my flat feet, It is hard for me to find comfy shoe for miles of walking.