Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happiness is pajamas in public

How to get over someone: replace them with someone else you are equally into.

If, however, this isn't possible, assemble a fleet of possibilities. Set up a date for every night of the week: 7 people to get your mind off one. Also, get a little closer to one emotionally. Share something personal and then when they say all the right things, feel your heart crack open a tiny bit to the idea of seeing them again. Schedule them first. Then bask in those amazing friendships from last night. Spend the evening fucking with beads and string and then eat nothing but mushrooms for dinner (which you purchased while wearing pajamas and hot pink & black striped socks). Gain admiration of local college students (even though you're not quite on par with that dude in a bathrobe who was walking to the metro that one time but that's okay -- baby steps).

Realize you are starting to think more about possibilities than the past and that maybe this is part of moving forward. :)

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  1. Personally,I draw the line at those socks. ;)

  2. We can't stop moving forward and you miss a lot of the amazing journey when you spend your time looking backwards.