Saturday, August 10, 2013

There's a message in comfort

DUDES I just had the most amazing first date. I was feeling down too, after yesterday's should-have-been-great-but-scared-me date and almost gave up dating altogether earlier today, melancholy at my heart's seeming lack of cooperation.

He tapped me on the shoulder as I was texting him my location and I whirled to find him even cuter than his photo. We hugged shyly hello and headed up the stairs into a Thai restaurant where we sat for the next few hours and chatted comfortably.

Him: "On my profile, it says to ask me on our date about how we met. So, know how we met?" 
Me: "Um, in front of the fountain 5 minutes ago?" 
Him: "Haha, no, you know what? I wrote you last year. And you never responded. I favorited you even. Then when I saw you online again, I almost didn't write because you hadn't written back last time, but I thought 'oh why not'." 
Me: "What? I usually respond to most messages unless they're just a flirt or a single line of text that doesn't look like they read my profile. I'm so sorry!" 
Him: "That's okay! I'm not bothered by it, just think it's funny. It was this time last year." 
Me: "Hmm. This time last year I was sporadically online after a relationship ended. I'm so sorry I didn't write back, I usually try not to blow people off." 
Yikes, I really do try to handle exchanges with care. Lesson: don't be a dick, ever.

After our date we stood outside my car and he put his arms tenderly around me and pulled me close. "I don't usually do this on a first date," he murmured into my hair and I relaxed into his arms, which isn't usually easy for me -- I spend like 90% of the time warring with myself, trying to will comfort. Like last night when I got scared! I thought it was just me but friends argued that the gut, though unpopular, will have its say. I disagreed with them all day until tonight, when he reached for me and I didn't want to run away.

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  1. Sounds like a great first date! (And just think, if it becomes a relationship, you can tell the story of how you met, and he can throw in "But she ignored me at first"!)

    My wife and I have a similar story.